Regenerative Economy.

Pioneer of plant-based make-up
to regenerate the planet, with you.

For each of your orders, we plant 1 young mangrove. Plant whose carbon sequestration capacity of the planet is by far the most efficient.

In addition to storing large quantities of CO2, mangroves also create beautiful natural habitats where wildlife can thrive.


Located in Sumatra, Indonesia, the NGO Yagasu and their teams are working on several reforestation areas, from the north of the island to the center, planting various varieties of mangroves, grown in local nurseries and transported through East Java. The plants form deep underground root networks that consolidate the soil and store nearly 75% of the carbon therein.

Alongside reforestation, we support an artisanal aquaculture project led by women as well as a forestry program with local fishermen.


Climate change is a global problem. Directing our action in the cultivation of mangroves in Indonesia means ensuring the best ecological return per euro paid.

Mangroves have also proven their effectiveness in reducing the systemic impact of cyclones, tsunamis and hurricanes when they reach land.


Furthermore, coastal communities are developing economic activities in harmony with the mangrove forests, such as crab farming or responsible fishing.

The Yagasu organization works with them to develop these sources of income. Thus, people no longer need to turn to deforestation to survive.